We're pleased to announce that Produxs has teamed up with web development firm Peak Systems.
Check out the website for our new company, UpTop, to learn more.

New Beginnings

With this first post on our new blog, I’m thrilled to introduce Produxs to any of you who may not know who we are or quite what we do. At the same time, I hope our friends and customers may learn something new about us in these few words.

We’re the team you call when you want to enhance your customer experience through user experience design to bring about specific results. In calling us, you join ranks with Amazon.com, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others not yet as well-known but definitely on their way, including BabyLegs and Clarisonic.

We start by finding out exactly what results you’re looking for. Then, through both quantitative and qualitative research, we pinpoint specific paths to those results. We know your favorite picture is a healthy bottom line, and everything we do at Produxs is focused on improving the looks of that portrait.

Our research-based approach to projects is combined with insightful design to provide you with engaging, profitable mobile or web applications and transactional web experiences along with highly useful business intelligence dashboards. Throughout the process, our team remains focused on your goals. We are here to ensure your audience embraces its experience on your site or with your application and comes back for more.

We specialize in producing measurable results for our clients. We deliver your required outcomes on budget, on strategy, and with no surprises. We love hearing back from clients that their bottom line is growing, that their customers are spending more time on their site and returning more often.

Look forward to weekly blog posts from our skilled crew of designers, researchers and strategists providing insights into how your businesses can produce more measurable results. You will be hearing frequently from our Director of User Experience Design, Charlie Claxton.

Charlie’s years of defining, designing and delivering interactive experiences for end-user consumer product and corporate clients have honed his abilities to facilitate seamless product introduction and integration into Produxs’ information architecture and user experience design. We will also be publishing dates and locations of seminars, panel discussions and speaking engagements on user experience (UX) design, to be held by Charlie and/or any of our experts. Contact us if you are interested in hosting such a presentation.

Learn more about us at the newly updated http://www.produxs.com or drop me a line asking for a call from Craig Nishizaki to discuss what we might be able to do for you and your customers — and your bottom line.

Be sure to tune in again next week.

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