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What UX Design Can Do

Clarisonic UX redesign drives 58% increase in eCommerce conversion rate including sales of key products up by more than 300%

Clarisonic had developed a loyal customer base for its innovative line of premiere skin care products. Still, the company needed help to move its online customers beyond their hesitation at high price points and to help those customers use the existing reviews and studies to understand the efficacy and effectiveness of the products. We were asked to redesign and re-architect Clarisonic’s web site for worldwide publishing on a new CMS.

Our research identified pain points for customers seeking product information, reviews and research, and also during the final purchasing process. Using a strategic mix of education and engagement with the Clarisonic brand and community, Produxs developed a User Experience Design that leveraged existing product reviews and studies to increase customer trust. This design also makes it easier for those customers to decide which products are the best fit for their needs and to purchase those products.

We knew we had achieved our goal of transparency and were on our client’s “right track” when Michelle Lanham, Clarisonic’s E-commerce Marketing Manager, said: “Throughout the process, the people at Produxs have been crystal clear in articulating the deliverables and directing progress against goals…. These things give me comfort that they have the project’s best interests in mind.”

Our strategic approach was to clarify the information architecture, enabling streamlined pathways for customers to get to the product information, reviews and research. We identified and elevated the content that was most influential to product purchase: testimonials, before and after photos, videos and demonstrations of Clarisonic products in use. We streamlined the purchase path and checkout process so customers could easily add their desired products to the shopping cart.

Product detail pages were completely redesigned to help customers more easily understand the range of product offerings, available options, subscriptions, recommended products and reviews. Produxs created and delivered a completely re-architected site with a new design system and templates for a CMS solution. The new system and templates enable the Clarisonic marketing team to update the site in a timely and efficient manner.

On the new Clarisonic.com, customers can easily find relevant educational product information, engage with the Clarisonic brand and community, and purchase products online. Produxs also helped Clarisonic move to the new more efficient publishing platform, with huge cost savings for its US and International sites.

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Our Produxs team is delighted to have been able to use our knowledge, skills and creativity to more effectively showcase Clarisonic and its fine line of skin care products. We’d love to talk with you about ways in which we might be able to enhance your customers’ experience on your web site, too.

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