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The Essence of Good Design

Many objects we interact with every day are well designed and easy to use. If these everyday objects work well, we don’t give them a second thought. When we do pause to contemplate the design of the things we rely on the most, we might think, “Of course, it makes perfect sense … I could have done that,” ignoring the fact that there may have been years or even centuries of innovation behind the design. (Case in point: history of the paperclip)

Barring centuries of innovation, the same is true for well-designed web sites and mobile applications. The time and expertise applied during our research and design phases result in web sites that are easy to use, producing increased conversion rates for our clients. The end product may look simple on the surface, but incorporates our usability experience and our dedication to the goal that every eCommerce site we touch improves our client’s ROI.

It is not uncommon for new clients to wonder about the value they are getting during the wireframe stage of our design process, where gray boxes serve as placeholders for pretty pictures and emphasis is placed on the structure and placement of elements rather than on color and style. When the gray boxes are transformed into high fidelity graphics during the next phase of design, ROI becomes clearer, but the value shows most strongly after a site or product launches and our clients enjoy an increase in sales due to ease of use, discoverability, and increased conversion rate.

One example of our user experience design is BabyLegs, a growing Seattle designer/manufacturer of children’s clothing. These graphics show a wireframe and a screenshot of the finished product.

After the site redesign, BabyLegs enjoyed a 522% increase in eCommerce conversions and a 450% increase in site revenue. If you’d like to enhance your customers’ experience on your site and thus improve your company’s ROI, give Craig Nishizaki a call any time.

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