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Clarisonic Website Redesign

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Success Story: Clarisonic

Produxs helped this consumer products company achieve over-the-top, quantifiable improvements in customer experiences and online revenues. Within just 30 days of launching the new site, Clarisonic saw amazing results, including:


increase in sales of targeted products


increase in conversion rate


Starting with its research approach, Produxs was quickly and efficiently able to identify the needs of our customers to create focused designs with appropriate functionality. In our case, we were able to understand that simple and elegant solutions were what our customers craved rather than the more complex approach we had originally anticipated.

Michelle Lanham
Clarisonic E-commerce Marketing Manager

Project Snapshot

the client’s challenge

Clarisonic, the maker of an innovative line of premier skin care products, has a loyal customer base, but potential new buyers were hesitant about the high price points of its product line, which is anchored by its patented sonic skin cleansing system.

Consumers couldn’t easily locate detailed product information that could convince them of Clarisonic’s value and effectiveness. The company was missing important opportunities to use existing product reviews and clinical studies to educate and win over potential new customers.

the Produxs assignment

Clarisonic wanted to increase visits and time spent on site, purchases made on the web site and through other distribution channels, and increase consumers’ online activity (i.e., email sign-ups, customer reviews).

The company asked Produxs to redesign its web site to create a more streamlined – and ultimately, more profitable – customer experience. The company wanted the new architecture to enable worldwide publishing on its new content management system (CMS).


Produxs began by taking an in-depth look at what wasn’t working and what improvements could be made. In addition to the customer pain points related to finding product information on the web site, Produxs research turned up other important findings affecting Clarisonic’s web performance.

the Produxs solution

  • Created easy-to-navigate pathways for customers seeking product information, reviews and research.
  • Identified and elevated the content that most influenced product purchase: testimonials, before-and-after photos, videos and demonstrations of Clarisonic products in use.
  • Streamlined the purchase path and checkout process to address the problems customers were encountering when trying to add products to the shopping cart.
  • Completely redesigned product detail pages to help customers more easily understand the range of Clarisonic offerings, available options, customer reviews and related products – as well as “subscriptions” for regular, automatic delivery of related supplies such as cleansers and brush heads.

the outcome

Produxs delivered a new design to Clarisonic that makes it easy for customers to find relevant educational product information, engage with the Clarisonic brand and community, and purchase products online. Produxs also worked closely with Clarisonic to integrate the design within their new publishing platform enabling the company to more efficiently publish its U.S. and international sites, resulting in huge cost savings.

the numbers

In addition to the 58 percent increase in its e-commerce conversion rate in the first 30 days, Clarisonic was able to maintain an impressive rate going forward. When the company analyzed sales over a period of nearly four months, it recorded an e-commerce conversion rate of 44.7 percent. Other results during this period include:

  • Site visits soared 72.2 percent
  • Bounce rate dropped 15.78 percent
  • Visitors’ time-on-site rate increased by 42 percent to an impressive six minutes per visit