We're pleased to announce that Produxs has teamed up with web development firm Peak Systems.
Check out the website for our new company, UpTop, to learn more.

Our Expertise: The elements of high-performance design


Business Intelligence Design

Designing “dashboards” and solutions that give managers and executives a clear view of business data.

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Application Design

Creating interactive software applications that are carefully tailored to the wants and needs of the people who use them.

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Transactional Websites

Optimizing web experiences that involve transactions – purchases, sign ups, downloads, etc. – to increase revenue.

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Consumer Research

At Produxs, we’re big believers in doing your homework. We carry out efficient, effective research to discover what your targeted audience wants and how they think; then we create a design that allows you to deliver the goods. And of course, that means success for you, whether that success translates into increased sales, repeat customers, greater exposure or any other objective you’ve set out to achieve.


Lo-Fidelity Design

Most people focus on the visual bells and whistles of a website, but one of the crucial steps is building the underlying “architecture” of a website or application – the part that ensures it will run well and reliably and be easy for a company to update and maintain. Our designers excel at creating a solid foundation that ensures consistent, top-notch performance.

  • IA Information Architecture

    Organization of information is not only important to your audience, it's vital to search engine optimization (SEO).

    A well-designed IA takes into account ease of use and an optimal path for users to get the information they want. It also has to ensure that a search engine can easily crawl/index the content for the best possible placement in search results.

    Our experience in defining and creating a solid IA for clients spans many industries. This agility and breadth of experience is a major factor in our ability to consistently deliver satisfying results for our customers and their target audiences.

  • UI User Interface Design

    The UI defines the logical placement of elements of a digital interactive experience in a way that the user naturally embraces. The best user interfaces are so intuitive and “second-nature” in execution that they’re invisible to the user.

  • ID Interaction Design

    Interaction design defines the process, behavior, flow and interaction of a product. To ensure success, we design each solution to be highly intuitive for a specific audience.


Visual Design

While a well-researched “information architecture” underpins every successful interactive project, there’s no denying that first impressions are based on the emotions evoked by an appealing visual design. Our expertise in typography, color theory and other visual design principles as well as branding – ensuring that the experience we design is compelling for your customers and communicates the voice of your company.



We at Produxs believe that strong partnerships with carefully sellected and vetted firms are key to the successful delivery of our solutions. In March of 2013 we merged with a partner that we have worked with for over 2 years on many successful projects.

Founded in 2000 Peak Systems is a mobile application and web development firm. Specializing in consumer-facing and enterprise-level solutions, we use the latest web and mobile technologies to solve business problems. We consult our clients and set their ideas into motion, increasing productivity, improving workflow, and simplifying day-to-day operations and tasks.